How & why to Compost.

Collecting your compost ingredients shouldn’t be hard, but WHY do this? Our soils in Perth are very poor in  nutrients. SO, we create better garden soils by recycling our waste into compost. Compost is made from many ingredients, and most can come from the things you throw away from the kitchen. Have a quick look at how its done here. Old meal leftovers, chopped up old fruit and vegetables, egg shells, banana or any fruit or veg peel, tea bags, even cooking/steaming water you might normally throw away contains nutrients that add to the compost. Most organic matter will easily break down to good compost.

When your bin is full, simply take it to the Garden (click here for location) and bury it all in our compost bins and the worms will do the rest.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve just started composting at home and it’s great to have somewhere useful to throw old vegie scraps! One weird thing I was glad to find out is compostable: used paper napkins.


    • Yup, definately,tissues as well…make great wipes before washing up dishes…wipe your dishes down with tissue and throw tissues in compost taking all your left over juices,flavours etc….


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