Busy Bees. 1st Saturday of every month.

Our Garden Workshops or “Busy Bees” have been running since 2008. They are the best way to meet everyone together at the garden and immediately get a network of wonderful friends with similar interests. There are countless things to do, from simply observing and identifying plants & starting to learn about how the garden works, to creating new garden beds, planting seeds & seedlings, raking up, mulching and tidying footpaths, weeding or watering, turning compost, building new structures or just catching up.Newspaper or Sheet Mulching is a great way to clear a new area. Wet newspaper about 6-10 sheets thick is usually enough to supress any weed growth or persistant grasses. This is then covered in a thick mulch depending on what the use of the area will be.

For a while Emmanuel was lovingly referred to as "The sweetest smelling Mauritian on Campus...."

All the seasons have there own beauty.

Sometimes theres a lot to do,sometimes its just nice to have a chat..

We try & make our Busy Bees a family affair. Some staff members have little ones who just love a play in the garden.

Some of our funniest Busy Bees have been those when the kids almost take over...

...and there's always time for a sit down...

...and sometimes we just work LIKE DOGS!!........its truly awful!

Creating a shade system from recycled reticulation pipes & Shade Cloth...In November of 2009 we could see that the coming summer was going to destroy the garden without some kind of shade cover. So we put on our thinking caps and went searching! The Parks & Gardens team offered a cheap and convenient solution when they offered an unlimited supply of decommissioned aluminium reticulation pipe. These were perfect in that they were light to move, available from just around the corner from the garden and strong enough to do the job required.Our Recycled Shade System saved the garden from a certain slow & sad demise over summer.Combined with a regular watering roster over the summer break, the garden survived beautifully, and with minimal maintenance we have a permanent shade cover for years to come.


3 responses to this post.

  1. And now that the “Friendship Bar” is in place…


  2. Hey Manu – great to hear from you – thanks for your support – you are greatly missed šŸ™‚


  3. Posted by The Sweetest Smelling Mauritian Ever on March 17, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Wow so many things have changed since I left but still, the Vegie Patch remain Curtin’s oasis for friendship, love for Nature through gardening, & solace. Thank for this opportunity, thank you for your friendship & may this garden prosper in its healing simplicity


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