Are you a local Gardener?

Do you love your garden and all it gives back to you? If you have valuable gardening knowledge & experience and can spare one or two Saturday mornings a semester to assist in running a Workshop, we’d love to meet you. Peter finds large groups quite a handfull at times & is more than happy to train you up to a confident level.Its a lot of fun and so rewarding to teach for both you and our students. BEWARE! These gardeners are often totally out of control! They require delicate handling and a strong focused and resourceful mind, full of sharp gardening skills to keep them occupied!.If you feel you have the skills to teach them and turn them into the gardeners of tomorrow, you will be rewarded with their kindness and they may even grow to like you! Contact Peter if you dare take them on!! WK: 9266 4791 Monday to Friday or Mob. 0422 0660 72

Martin Rowles from BullCreek. Now a part of the garden Team Leaders group.

Jo & Syndee. Jo has a fantastic home nursery, complete with chickens and brings an impressive knowledge base to the garden Leaders team.

Caine Holdsworth from Como brings a gardening landscaping background and plenty of experience to the Leaders team.


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