Taken from “Our Future in Focus” Curtin  Strategic Plan 2009 – 2013:

Universities are an ideal place for people to learn the concepts and skills they will need to thrive in a more environmentally sustainable society. Curtin is in a good position to be a “living laboratory” and provide opportunities to experience sustainability solutions through on-site demonstration and modelling.

The Curtin Vegie Gardening Volunteers (or CVGV’s) are a busy group of students & staff who all have a shared love of gardens and all that they provide. Food for our kitchen tables, social networking, learning & fun.

Our aim is to add a little more to life on campus than just study and work, to meet new friends from all over the world and to grow a few tasty things to eat along the way, to share what we all help to grow and to encourage recycling in everything we do.

With all the challenges we face with global warming and climate change, this is an activity that allows you to personally do something positive leading into the future.

If you’re interested, get in touch. The Garden has a great way of taking your mind off your studies and worries in hardly any time at all.

We’re not just gardeners, we come from many nations and we have lots to do, much to share and stories to tell. You are welcome.

Its not “Back to Basics”….its “Forward to Sustainability…”

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