JULY Busy Bee.Beam Me Up!

Stardate 2.7.2011 Captain Cope and the crew of the starship CVGV gathered at the outer rim of the Kurrajong Village Supernova. Lieutenants Holdsworth, Silver, Rowles and Deck Officer Madden, First Mates Kigodi, Kho, and ET all beamed down to survey the planet.

First Mate ET celebrated the 90th Anniversary of Communist China by taking a few samples from the planets surface.

First Mates Kigodi & Kho planted a few species of broccolli and parsley.

Deck Officers Madden & Rowles created a garden bed with military precision in no time at all.

Lieutenants Holdsworth & Silver both established a life support system on the planet for future generations.

The crew also established communications with the local wiggly worm population.


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