Introduction to Permaculture Course

Permaculture is the design system the Curtin Vegie garden is built upon. We are pleased to announce the first Introduction to Permaculture course to students and staff from Curtin University on the weekend of June 4th & 5th from 9.30 AM – 4PM. Do your bit – its WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY on the 4th.CLICK TO ENLARGE….The course will be held at Tash Levy & Tod Smiths property in Hamersley (North of the river).At $45 a day, it represents fantastic value. (students only) Call Tod Or Tash 0414 230 571 or 0403 317 242 to discuss details as they have indicated they are happy to pick up & drop off from the Warwick train/bus station if required. BYO lunch. Bookings essential. This is a life changing course and highly recommended.


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  1. Posted by Rachael on June 6, 2011 at 5:38 am

    I took the intro course this weekend and it really is insightful. It is well worth taking because it connects the dots between many concepts in ways which would otherwise not occur to you, yet make perfect sense. The best part is that i can now see all the plans and processes which are underway within the vege garden and understand how they work, so that i can now help and contribute, not just follow directions.
    I jumped at the chance to do the course and would do so again.


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