2008 more developments

The garden is based around Permaculture Design, so we try to develop as naturally as we can, using recycled materials wherever possible and definitely no pesticides or chemicals. The garden is home to a small number of Bobtail Lizards and is frequently visited by Kookaburras and Chitti Chittis (Willy Wagtails). We have tried to keep some remnant bush in the garden as habitat.The most difficult times to garden have always been in Summer when the student population disappears for the Christmas & New Years break. Thankfully in the past, a few local staff and keen gardening visitors have appeared just at the right time to save the garden from a hot a horrible end! These days as the garden is more developed, students who stay on campus take on the challenge.We purchased a few semi-mature fruit trees including a Fig, Orange, Lemon, Kaffir Lime, Mandarin & Mango and later brought in a few young Loquat & Passionfruit, apricot, plum, almond, apple, peach & olive trees. We have always grown seasonal vegies such as potatoes,peas,tomatoes spinach,salad greens and zucchini. We have also grown a lot of parsley,basil,marjoram,oregano and spring onions. Chillies have always been a big favourite as well.Growing food that is relevant is extremely important and we are always trying to grow more of what most people at the residences actually want, and we’re always on the look out for local knowledge. Along the way we learn about growing conditions, orientation and climate,  soil type and how to improve the soil (sand) we have.Not everything grows as spectacularly as we’d all like, which is all part of the learning experience. Its ok if your plants occasionally  fail, we learn from that and move forward with more understanding and experience!


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